How To Identify Missing Data In Your Website (2022)

Let’s say you’re a business owner, and you want to know who’s visiting your website (since, you know, that information is vital to running a successful business online).
The first way to collect that data is by getting them to sign up for an account on your website.
But what about those people who don’t want to sign up?
With a new technology we have been working on at PolarGrowth, you can identify missing data from your traffic just by installing our pixel code. The best part? You don’t even need an IT degree to do it!
And then, once you’ve identified your missing traffic, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips: who they are, what their email address is, phone number, and much more (if needed). The power to add more revenue to your bottom line is right here!

Hey, what’s going on this is Vladimir, I would like to address a very important issue in the advertising space, and that is knowing who your visitors are. I mean, who they really are. So let’s take this as an example. Let’s imagine that you are driving a 1000 visitors from Facebook and Google to your landing page.

And this landing page has 5% opt-in rate. Now what that means. That means that 95% of people are completely anonymous. You don’t know their phone number. You don’t know their email. You don’t know basically who they are now. Let’s imagine that you are able to put a pixel code on your website. And now thanks to this pixel code, you are able to resolve 60% of identities of these people.

So what that means is that now you are able to tell. 950 people times zero point 60. So you are able to tell who these 570 people are, you know, their email, you know, their phone number, and you can not follow up with them. So as a business, you should have some kind of a reactivation sequence. So let’s imagine that this reactivation sequence has 10% success rate, 10% opt-in rate.

That means that now you are getting 57 new leads to your business for doing nothing else. Only installing the pixel. So. And if you are spending 50 per $50 per lead, that means that you’re spending 2,500 to get 50 leads. All of a sudden you are getting now 57 leads for doing nothing just by installing a pixel.

So this pixel code is a new technology we have been working on. It has, it’s a large database of a 1.5 billion email addresses in the USA. And. You just plug it to your website and you are able to tell who these people are for all this cool stuff. So feel free to reach out. And I will be telling you, I will be able to tell you more information about this technology.


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