Increase ROAS by 30% in 30 Days (2022) – Ecom, Agencies, Insurance, Mortgage lenders etc

If you’re frustrated with your inability to get the most out of your ad dollars, let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time, there was a data analyst who wanted to get better results from his ads, so he built a custom pixel solution. He did such an impressive job that he found himself on the beach, drinking mojitos and playing the bongos.
Ok, so maybe it didn’t happen exactly like that, but it’s not too far off. Our data analyst had some pretty complex attribution problems going on, and he solved them using our custom pixel solution – PolarGrowth. Now, he can measure and optimize his ROAS by 30% in 30 days in both #GoogleAds and #FacebookAds to his heart’s content!
It’s not just about increasing your ROAS. It’s about freeing up your data so you can use it again, and again, and again. (And then probably once more).
This is a full-blown database of 230 million users and counting! And we’re not just talking about active users—we’re talking about users who are actually engaged with the content they’re seeing ready to be targeted on Google, Facebook, #Tiktok and more!
And now we’re ready to share our hard work with you! If your attribution problems are driving you up the wall (or onto a beach with nothing but bongos to keep you company), then let us help you figure out how to solve them once and for all.
Try it out for free today and see what all the fuss is about! 

Roas 30%

I want to show you how we can increase your return ad spend by 30% in 30 days by virtually doing nothing but installing our custom pixel. Hey, what’s up? This is Vlad. And I am here recording this video on behalf of Polargrowth. So basically it’s a solution for data-driven marketers and websites that have traffic basically.

So what we’ve developed with develop this pixel that taps into an audience of 230 million people and is able to resolve it’s able to tell who these people are on your website, just based on traffic, so they don’t need to opt in. They don’t need to do anything. They just visit your website and you’re able to tell who they are.

So let me tell you how we can use this technology for improving your ads, especially Facebook and Google ads. So. Let’s have a look at a, solid example. So I’m in e-commerce, let’s have a look at e-commerce example, but this can be applied for pretty much any website out there. Whether it’s insurance, whether it’s you know, lead generation, any, any website out there with traffic.

So let’s have a look at this example. So this is a safety shoe, a Shopify store. And I know this, this store because my sourcing agent in China , he’s supplying a lot of them. In fact, I have some we bought some samples and stuff like that before. So these are the best sellers.

These I call defenders. My favorite favorite shoes are these these are pretty cool. Look to why they have them, hidden over here I liked them the most, but it seems like they’re not Sold so many times, I guess, on this website. But these are my favorite, to be honest. Although this is their bestseller.

Anyway, that’s not the reason we are here. We are here to have a look at the traffic of this website and you know, plug this into a calculator, which will estimate how much they’re making and how much they could be making. Should they install our solution or should you install the solution?

Should you have a website with traffic? So let’s have a let’s click on this extension. This is called a similar web and it tells me, you know, how much traffic they’re getting. So it’s kind of up and down, but let’s say let’s average it out. Let’s say they’re getting 50,000. Monthly visitors. And let’s just make an assumption for the sake of this example.

Let’s just make an assumption that they are just literally buying all the traffic, and it costs them $1 to get this traffic. And the average order value is $80, which in fact it is because I know they are not doing any upsells on anything. We you know, we, we bought some stuff from here just to see their funnel and they are not upselling.

So their actual average order value is $80. So let’s put these numbers in here. Let me zoom over here put this down. So let’s let’s say they’re spending $50 K on ads, every ops, 50 $50 K on ads every month. Their average order value is $80. Okay now let’s say they are, they are going to be reinvesting 40%.

You know, they are going to be scaling reinvesting all the profits that are making from the solution into ads. So they are scaling cost of cost of goods sold. These shoes are super cheap compared what they are sold for. I know they have really, really hard and high margins. I know because you know, we are doing some dropshipping and like, I know the sourcing agent he’s, he’s visiting the factories.

You know, you might have seen me on my LinkedIn. You know, posting this stuff before. So I know that they are getting it for $15 and selling it for $80. So anyway, let’s say, let’s say let’s say cost of goods sold is $20, sorry. 20% So 20% over here and they are getting let’s say they are getting the customer for $40.

So that is revenue of $100K let’s say let’s say they have, you know, ROAS of two. Return on ad spend of two site conversion rate, the average site conversion rate for our Shopify store is. You know, what is 2.3, 2.5%? So let’s say 2.5. Let’s give them a average not really an average. Well, let’s give them a click through rate of two and let’s we said that they are buying click for $1 and they are, let’s say their CPM is $15.

So, and we are going to be scaling their ads by 30% when they install the solution on their websites. So 30 over here. So that’s the Difference in return on ad spend. This is how it looks like right now, a $50K on ad spend average order value, $80. They are getting 1,667 sales every month.

Cost of goods sold 20% CPA, $40. And yea, so they’re making $100K in revenue. And yeah, this is the profit and this is how it goes. So site conversion rate all these, all these little details over here. Now, let’s go to the juicy stuff, let’s go to the other side. And this is basically a calculator showing us.

What, they will be making. So after, after installing the solution. So for after the first month of using the pixel, they will bump their return on ad spend by 30%, which means now there will be having a 2.6 (ROAS) and that will bump their revenue to $130 K, which means they have now $30,000 new revenue in their company by doing nothing else, but installing the pixel and And then look at month two.

So first month, by the way, we are giving it for free. For 30 days, you can trial it. You can see get some new money into your company you know, see how it works. And then basically what happens is that they are reinvesting the profits so 40% to ads, so they are scaling their ads. And now they are making 186 K.

Which translates to, you know, it makes $86 K in dif difference. And the third month they should be making $266 K in revenue. Should they install the pixel on their website. So so these are, these are some calculations, as you can see from $100 K from $100 K revenue. Now you are able to go. To $266 K in revenue increase in just three months by installing a simple pixel.

So basically what it does is it is enriching the audiences on Facebook and Google. And you know, as you, as you know, the attribution is really poor these days with iOS 14 and 15 updates and basically our solution, it bridges, the gap, you are feeding the algorithms, the data they need. You know, so we are able to resolve the identity of the traffic you are getting from your website and feed it back to Facebook.

Tiktok, Google, wherever it needs to go. And also this is not even counting. It’s not even counting something like Retargeting them with emails. So since we know their email, their phone number, we can call them, we can send them an email. So if you’re in e-commerce, you know we can even send them a personalized email.

We can, you know, let’s say they don’t drop off. At the checkout we are able to. And they haven’t opted in and they haven’t done anything like that. We are able to send them a personalized email. So imaging like, Hey Emily we’ve noticed you were at our checkout but didn’t purchase. And here’s a, here’s a personalized coupon code, like EMILY20 or something.

How cool that would be. So anyway, that’s, that’s not even in this calculator, so their revenue could be much much higher. Should we unleash all the, all the tools we have on our tool belt. So, anyway, so this is this is the solution. Feel free to reach out. We are offering this for free for 30 days trial it see its magic, and we can take it from there.

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