Lead Generation 2.0 – Stay Ahead of The Competition (NEW)

You have a problem: you’re trying to find leads, but the old ways of doing it are just not working. You’ve tried ads, cold calls, emails, SEO, and referrals—but nothing seems to be getting you where you want to go. Why is this?
We’ll tell you why: those methods are OLD. They’re obsolete. Just like the dinosaurs or the telephone booth, they’ve faded into irrelevance as society moves forward and changes in leaps and bounds every single day.
If you want to be successful in your lead generation efforts, you need to be able to adapt and change with the times.
And that’s why we’re here to offer you a new way forward: PolarGrowth. Our database has 230 million profiles of people who are actively looking for what you have to offer. That means that we can extract leads based on their internet searches, so your business can focus its efforts on people who actually WANT what you have!
Best part? We are able to extract these audiences in a Google sheet so that you can target them with ads or personally. Get in touch today.

Imagine you could get leads for your business. Without any advertising imagine, there was a store where you just walk in. Pick what you want, pick any niche, pick any vertical and you know, go out of the store with your leads. So let’s have a look what people are currently doing when they are trying to generate their leads.

So, you know you will try to generate them with the help of ads. You would run some Google ads, some Facebook ads to your landing page or to your website, or, you know, you would run some Facebook lead lead gen ads where. You get the leads a bit easier, or you will do some, you know, referral marketing SEO, which might take you six months, cold calling, email marketing and all these, all these ways to get leads.

You know, which, which obviously take takes time and skills to get these leads. But what if there was a way where you actually go to a store where you can just go in, get the leads and get out. So. There is a way and the way has to do with our custom solution we have built, it’s a pixel which taps into an audience of around 230 million people in the United States.

And basically this technology is tracking users behavior. So imaging, you could get leads based on what people are searching for on the internet. So, you know, whether you are, whether you are e-commerce, whether you have an e-commerce store or you’re a. Consultant or you’re selling high ticket courses.

You know, you could, you could actually get the leads based on their behavior and based on what people are looking for. And this is actually happening in real time. So. You are able to get these leads, thanks to these technology. And the industries can be pretty much, pretty much anybody who sells anything, whether it’s online or offline.

So my favorite are e-commerce store, since I’m an e-commerce seller myself I’m doing some Amazon drop shipping and stuff like that. So, you know, whether you have a Shopify store or an Amazon store, maybe you are an Amazon aggregator trying to buy these stores. People are actively looking for for whatever you are selling.

Or, you know people are actively looking to sell this, sell their Amazon stores in, in, in the case of Amazon aggregators, but, you know the categories could be anything, pretty much supplements, toys, medical supplies, any, any niche out there you know that people are actively looking for and you know, it could be digital business as well.

It could be SEO agencies. Amazon agencies, freelancers, affiliate, marketers, course, creators influencers software as a service. Anybody, anybody who’s trying to sell anything, local businesses, real estate agents, car dealerships you know, accountants, lawyers, dentists. So all these people could benefit from from such technology, because obviously there are millions of people searching for the services or products daily and this database can actually get the data in real time.

So, and guess what, you can actually drop your CPMs up to 50% because you can just directly. You know, get, get the data and put them into ad networks. Like, you know, tiktok is very popular. These days or your Facebook ads which are kind of broken right now. Thanks to iOS and all that. Your Google ads you know, by the way, Google as well, they are going to introduce some option where people can opt out of tracking for Android users.

And as you might know, the Android, you know, 70% of the, you know, of the. People with mobile phones, they use Android system. So it’s a huge, huge market. And so it’s going to be hit very hard, very hardly. And you are able to just upload these lists to these networks and run ads to them. So you don’t need to waste money on on trying to find who these people are.

Testing AB testing, you know, well you should still test, because obviously. Not all creatives not all angles will work for this targeted audience, but you don’t need to test the audience anymore. And you know, your, your targeting will be much better. Your lookalikes will be really, really targeted because these people are actively looking right now.

So it’s not, it’s not some outdated information. This technology is tracking. Billions of URLs, literally billions, and you know, we are able to tap into that and see who these people are. So if you need a solution like this, where you know where your business can benefit from such leads let us know, and we will be able to help you out.

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