Match Rate Optimization Facebook & Google Ads (2022)

Facebook lets you run ads to reengage visitors to your site, but they only match up to 30% of your website traffic for targeting.
It’s like… you’re baking a cake, and Facebook is only giving you 3 eggs instead of the 10 you need.
You might be able to make it work with that, but it’ll look a little… lumpy.
Or if you’re trying to make pancakes, then your mix is going to be watery and gross.
And that’s what happens with your Facebook ads when you don’t have enough matched users: The ad looks lumpy and gross. And nobody wants that.
What we do here at PolarGrowth (Database of 1.5B email addresses) is helping our clients improve their match rate – We can help you optimize the match rate between your website traffic and Facebook/Google ads all the way up to 95% so that ROI on your ads is much higher, and the campaign looks better in the process.
That means no more wasted money spent on ineffective ads or low ROIs. No more struggling against the odds. Just effective advertising and targeted marketing that converts.  
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Hey, what’s going on. This is Vlad. I would like to talk about an important topic in today’s advertising world and that has to do with a match rate optimization. So the issue is that Facebook, if you are driving any traffic from Facebook to a product page, what’s happening is that facebook is not able to match certain data.

So let’s say you are driving people to a product page. And then you know, they go to the checkout and purchase something. Facebook is actually losing data over here, and these are called data fragments. And it also has to do with. With a custom audiences, so let’s imagine that you’re uploading a hundred thousand customers to Facebook and Facebook is only able to match, you know, between 25 to 30% of these people.

It could be, it could be more, it could be less, but it is usually around that. So out of that hundred thousand list you have now 30,000 people, which can be retargeted, which is really low. So imaging that you will be able to bump this to 95 – 100 percent imagine what that would do to your retargeting audiences and lookalikes, especially lookalikes because you know, if you are running if you’re creating lookalikes out of poor data, well, guess what your lookalikes are going to be poor as well.

So, We actually are able to solve this with our new technology. So we created this pixel, which our own pixel, which you can install on your website and it will actually stitch the data. So we are able to stitch these these little fragments and sent, send the data back to Facebook. So this is actually happening thanks to the database of 400, for 400 million people in the database.

So we are actually tracking 5,000 pages per person. So that’s billions of data that is being tracked. And we are able to send these back to Facebook and Google for higher match rates. So this is this is not like Hyros or something like that, where you are able to kind of you know do some separate server to server tracking and stuff like that.

This is, this is different because this is actually much better than that because you are feeding, feeding, Facebook, real data from there. So it’s not just tracking is actually feeding. Facebook with the data and it just, you know, it will help you so much for your advertising. You know, your return on ad spend will be much better.

Your everything will be just better. And guess what you actually can go outside of the 180 day window so you can target people outside of it. Currently you cannot on Facebook with this technology. You actually can also, you know, if you are trying to you have probably encountered an issues such as if you are trying to create a retargeting audiences out of, out of your you know, certain steps in the funnel, such as when people initiate a checkout and you’re trying to create the retargeting audience based on this.

And let’s say your traffic, let’s say there are less than 1000 people. You probably might not even the ad might not even run or if it runs, the CPM is super high. So with this one, with this technology, we’ll be able to feed Facebook data that it needs in order to run a hyper-targeted ads. And guess what?

Everything will be just better. And your return on ad spend and yea, this is, this is the magic of this pixel, which we are actually giving people to trial for 30 days. So feel free to feel free to reach out. I will be able to set it up for you and you install it on your website and you will pretty much see the results immediately.

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