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From business and marketing strategy to the implementation of advanced analytics, we make data work for you.

Data-Driven Marketing Solutions

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Identity Resolution

We have built our own in-house Identity Graph which is essentially a massive source of data on billions of people. If you have a cookie captured on a website, then cross-reference that to an Identity Graph - you can actually resolve that person's identity. We can provide you with such data!

Match Rate Optimization (MRO)

Did you know that Google and Facebook can only match up to 25% of your visitors for retargeting? iOS updates, privacy issues and other obstacles are in your way to retarget the rest. Our in house technology consisting of 1 trillion of data points will match up to 90% of your visitors and push the data back to your ad platforms instantly!

match rate optimization identity resolution growth marketing agency polar growth
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Customer Reactivation

Now that you have resolved customer identities from your traffic - what's next? How to reactivate these visitors into paying customers? We can help you with advanced flow creation and all technology stack. SMS retargeting, Smart follow-ups and more!

Organic Takedowns

We will generate organic traffic to your website by utilizing search engine optimization practices - at a scale!. Our technology allows us to 100s of thousands of unique, SEO optimized articles to Google driving link juice and traffic to your website.

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